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Join the tens of millions of users who trust Pogoplug Remote Access to ensure that they are never separated from any of the files on their computer.
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Leave your computer at home or the office but quickly access and download all of your files from any web browser, smartphone or tablet.
Instantly stream media from your computer to your smartphone, tablet or another computer. Watch all your movies, view all your photos and listen to all your music wherever you are.
Share large files and entire folders instantly—no uploading required. Your friends, colleagues and customers can instantly access, stream or download shared files according to permissions you set.
Files stay securely stored on your computer at home or the office.
And if you ever want to prevent access, simply slide the “enable” switch to “off” or sign in to disable remote access from the web UI.
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"Not only can you stream your media files directly to your mobile device by logging into the Pogoplug app on your iPhone, iPad or Android, but you can also access and share large files you have stored on your computer at home. "
PC Magazine
"You aren't even just limited to the hard drive size of the PC or Mac. I attached a 2 GB USB stick to my laptop and was able to add the folders on it as Pogoplug, remotely accessible folders.
That's pretty impressive.”
"Once [Pogoplug Remote Access] is installed on your computer, it finds all your photos, music, and video, as well as data in your Desktop and Documents folder. After a few minutes, I loaded the free iPhone app and iPad app on those two devices, and suddenly I was streaming music, video and files with ease."
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